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Mortgage Rate Shopping Sites Are ... Dead

The Rate Verifier is your Independent Mortgage Loan Inspector, we are not a lender, and we DO NOT sell your data to lenders like mortgage rate shopping sites. Here's a few other reasons why we're different.

The Rate Verifier tells you exactly what terms to request from your preferred lender. As an Independent Mortgage Loan Inspector, we don't want to steer you away from the lender you're already working with, so we simply tell you what terms to request helping you save time, save money & avoid the stress of talking to multiple mortgage lenders.

The Rate Verifier’s Terms are 100% guaranteed

You're entitled to a full refund when you're offered BETTER TERMS than those found on your personalized Rate Table™ or Rate Prescription™ by another lender.

BETTER TERMS = 0.25% Lower Interest Rate, No Additional Fees, AND Same Loan Term, Purpose, Product & Type.

To request a refund, simply e-mail your locked loan estimate to meeting the conditions above and we will immediately process your refund. Expiration date for guarantee can be found in your personalized Rate Table™ e-mail and personalized Rate Prescription™ report. 

Lenders can’t pay their way into our list, they must:

  1. Originate a minimum of 15 loans per month (10x national avg.)

  2. Systems to guarantee reliable communication & client success

  3. Outstanding reputation in your local market.

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